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ARM Accredited Engineer Program

  ESS is ARM Accreditation Training Partner (AATP) in India  

The ARM Accredited Engineer (AAE) Program is the only global certification program available to engineers wishing to gain credible evidence of their expertise in ARM architecture. An AAE accreditation represents a consistent standard in evaluating knowledge of ARM architecture, helping hiring managers to benchmark job applicants, and engineers to stand out from the crowd in their job search.

  Benefits for Employers  
  • Ensure a consistent standard in the ARM-related skill set of your staff. The AAE program helps you ensure your staff achieve an industry-standard, high level of knowledge of ARM technology.
  • Use as a filter to help distinguish between job applicants. Many job adverts for embedded engineers will attract hundreds of engineers. Employers could select those with an ARM accreditation for further consideration.
  • Use as part of the selection process. Many hiring managers will develop and use a series of ARM-related technical questions as part of their selection process. An ARM Accredited Engineer will already have been comprehensively tested in a consistent and balanced manner, across a broad range of relevant subject areas. So hiring managers can bypass this part of their process and focus on other aspects of selection.
  Benefits for Engineers  
  • Gain credible evidence of your expertise in ARM architecture. Achieving an AAE certification allows developers and engineers to demonstrate that they have the skills necessary for the successful design and implementation of the most advanced, power-efficient and high performance microprocessor technology on the market.
  • Stand out from the crowd. According to a recent study, 86% of hiring managers said IT certifications are a high or medium priority during the candidate evaluation process. Employers will consider an AAE certification as a credible, tangible asset on your CV, helping you to differentiate yourself from other engineers and develop your career.
  • Develop and update your skills. ARM technology is constantly evolving and expanding into a growing range of devices now used by millions of developers. You can use the AAE syllabus as a study guide to help update or acquire the skills you need to adapt to the shift taking place in the computing ecosystem.
  Benefits for Students  
  • Gain credible evidence of your expertise in ARM architecture. The AAE program is administered by a leading independent certification body (Prometric), and leads to an industry-standard certification that is recognized worldwide.
  • Stand out from the crowd, and secure the best jobs. For students and recent graduates with little or no practical experience of using ARM technology, an ARM accreditation can help to demonstrate the knowledge required to help you secure that all-important first placement or job.

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