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PC-lint is a powerful static analysis tool that will check your C/C++ source code and find bugs, glitches, inconsistencies, non-portable constructs, redundant code, and much more. It looks across multiple modules, and so, enjoys a perspective your compiler does not have.

A C compiler cannot always detect each and every potential problem in your source files. This is where PC-Lint comes in.

  • Supports K&R C, ANSI C, and ANSI/ISO C++ standards
  • Explicit support for MISRA C and MISRA C++ (Motor Industry Software Reliability Association) standards Each of the Keil development tools, ARM, C51, C251, and C166, support Gimpel Software's PC-Lint. Configuration files are included in the Keil development tools which enable you to quickly and easily begin using PC-Lint in your application development and testing.