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Embedded Modules Industrial Box and Panel PCs System & Customization Application Examples


  Application Examples  
SONAR System  
Highly Efficient Multiprocessor Computers for Special Purpose Applications. The article describes a new rugged computer (-40C-+85C) for applications in sonar platforms, based on 6U CPCI (PICMG 2.0, 2.1, 2.16) Intel Core i7 CPU Module CPC503 developed by Fastwel.

Conduction Cooled Solution  
CPC510 CPU module is developed for customers as the high integrity solution in CPCI Serial 3U form-factor with a purpose of use in real-time, control and high-speed data acquisition and processing systems.

GPS\Glonass navigation system  
In the present case study the consideration is given to the system of high-accuracy detection of locomotives location, with the help of GLONASS/GPS.

Aircraft Onboard Equipment  
Current development trends in the area of aircraft control and computing devices are intended for the full-scale integration with information systems of both on-board and ground equipment.

CPC805 is designed for the systems requiring reliable embedded computers combining small size and high performance.

Shipboard Command Desk  
Fastwel CPC503 CPU module is a highly integrated x86compatible solution in 6U cPCI format.