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Enea has over 40 years of experience delivering mission critical embedded software solutions to our customers. Enea Linux is a hardware agnostic embedded Linux distribution focused on ARM architectures, and is tailored to meet the desired real-time, virtualization and networking characteristics of the world's embedded communications systems. Enea Linux contains open source development tools exclusively, which are hardened to support all phases of the development process. Our services capabilities tackle any unique customer requirements related to embedded Linux.

  Enea Linux  

A complete embedded Linux solution


Enea has been a leading RTOS solution vendor for many years - an expertise we bring to the open source world. Enea Linux is built with focus on high throughput, low latency, and determinism, with use-cases related to Network FunctionVirtualization (NFV) in mind. Enea Linux delivers true value to customers by taking on all the challenges that the customer would face if building the distribution internally:

  • Flexibility and community interaction - Customizable Linux kernel configurations and packages tracking community development and customers’ project requirements.
  • Performance optimization - Focus on customers’ desired characteristics and performance, e.g. Linux user space drivers that give the applications direct access to hardware, bypassing kernel system calls and thereby improving responsiveness and throughput.
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV) - Carrier grade profile for NFV Infrastructure or purpose-built for Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs).


Open source tools that people actually use


The pace of development for the open source outshines that of the proprietary tools, and we believe that an investment in open source tools benefits the engineers, already familiar with the tools, and is more future proof than a lock-in in proprietary development tools. Enea Linux tools suite consists solely of open source development tools, hardened by Enea to support all phases of the development workflow - from building Linux images to application development, including tracing, profiling, and debugging.


Hardware agnostic with ARM focus


As an independent embedded Linux provider, Enea has a unique position to meet the needs of communications applications and provide software solutions that are hardware vendor agnostic. Enea is the only ISV involved in both Linaro and Yocto.


Committed to open source


Linaro is the place where the world's leading technology companies define the future of Linux on ARM. We have provided software for ARM based architecture since the nineties and lately ARM has become the most important architecture for our software. Our membership in the Linaro Networking Group (LNG) and our support of the OpenDataPlane (ODP) initiative reinforces our commitment to ARM and the networking space. We contribute resources to work in the following areas in the LNG:

  • Virtualization support with considerations for real-time performance, I/O optimization, robustness and heterogeneous operating environments on multicore SoCs.
  • Real-time operations and the Linux kernel optimizations for the control and data plane.
  • Packet processing optimizations that maximize performance and minimize latency in data flows through the network.
  • Dealing with legacy software and mixed-endian issues prevalent in the networking space.