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Video Tutorials on using Diamond System products are available on official YouTube channel of Diamond System.
  Diamond Systems Corp.  

Diamond Systems is a worldwide leading supplier of embedded computing solutions including small form factor single board computers and PC/104 I/O modules for communications, data acquisition, power supplies, audio and industrial I/O.

  Single Board Computers  

Our extensive line of compact, rugged single board computers (SBCs) is based on a variety of power/performance microprocessors, ranging from the 800MHz Vortex86SX to Intel's latest Atom and Core2 Duo CPUs.

These products conform to popular embedded form-factors like PC/104, PC/104-Plus, EMX, EPIC, EBX, COM Express, and ETX. Built-in interfaces include standard functions, such as VGA/LCD graphics, USB, Ethernet, serial ports, parallel, IDE, SATA, floppy, keyboard/mouse, and audio.

2-in-1 SBCs from Diamond Systems combine the core computing capabilities of a typical embedded SBC with a complete analog and digital data acquisition sub-system, resulting in a thinner, lighter, more rugged, and easier to assemble embedded computing platform. All our 2-in-1 SBCs offer I/O expansion using industry standard expansion modules for access to even more functionality.

  Athena III SBC

PC/104 SBC with 1.6GHz or 1GHz Intel Atom E-Series CPU and Integrated Autocalibrating Data Acquisition

Features Benefits
Low-power Intel Atom E-Series processor High computing power with reduced power consumption
Reduced heat dissipation / fanless operation
Integrated LCD, CRT, Ethernet, and system I/O Small size
Light weight
Integrated data acquisition Single-board solution for increased reliability
Guaranteed compatibility
Ruggedization including shock and vibration Customizable for demanding applications
Increased reliability
  Helios SBC
CPU Features Data Acquisition
    Vortex86DX CPU at 1GHz or 800MHz 256MB of soldered DRAM On-board 2MB bootable flash drive with FreeDOS installed 4 USB 2.0 ports 2 RS-232, 2 RS-232/422/485 serial ports 10/100Base-T Ethernet 1 IDE UDMA-100 port Flashdisk interface CRT and LVDS LCD PC/104 ISA expansion bus -40C to +85C operation
    16 wide-range analog inputs, +/-10V down to 0-1.25V 16-bit A/D resolution Single-channel, multi-channel round robin, and multi-channel scan sampling 250KHz maximum sample rate 2048 A/D sample FIFO with programmable threshold Interrupt-based A/D data transfer with FIFO support Programmable input ranges 4 wide-range analog outputs with simultaneous update capability 12-bit D/A resolution Multi-range autocalibration for highest accuracy 40 digital I/O lines with programmable direction 16-bit and 24-bit counter/timers Field-upgradeable logic circuit for performance upgrades or custom designs
  Hercules III SBC
Features Benefits
Low-power, high performance Intel Atom E-Series processor High computing power with reduced power consumption
Fan-less operation
Integrated LCD, CRT, Ethernet, and system I/O Complete PC on a single board
On-board wide range power supply Increased compatibility with vehicle and industrial environments
Integrated data acquisition circuit Single-board solution provides higher reliability, smaller size, and lower cost
Multi-range autocalibration of DAQ functions Increased measurement accuracy across entire temperature range
-40C to +85C operation Compatible with vehicle and outdoor applications
Ruggedization including shock and vibration Customizable for harsh environment applications
  COM-based Single Board Computers  

Diamond Systems is the pioneer of small form factor COM-based single board computers using industry standard computer-on-modules (COMs), full featured I/O baseboards, and integrated thermal solutions.

Benefits of COM-Based SBCs

    Maximum product lifecycle Highest feature density Scalable performance Conduction cooling for improved reliability Stackable I/O expansion
  Quantum SBC
    Configurable QSeven computer-on-modules Up to 2GB DDR3 SDRAM soldered on-board 4GB on-board MLC flash (most models) I/O connectors for a wide range of interfaces:
     - 1 Gigabit Ethernet port
     - 1 SATA port
     - 5 USB 2.0 ports
     - 1 RS-232 serial port
     - 2 RS-232/422/485 serial ports
     - 10 GPIO lines
     - 18 or 24-bit LVDS LCD display with dual independent displays
     - VGA CRT video output (some models)
     - ALC262 HD Audio Data Acquisition:
     - 4 12-bit A/D
     - 10 digital I/O lines
     - 4 PWMs
     - 2 programmable counter/timers Programmable watchdog timer Shared expansion socket auto-selects for either PCIe MiniCard or mSATA flashdisk modules System expansion:
     - PCI-104 and PCIe/104 stackable I/O
     - PCIe MiniCard socket +6 to +32VDC wide voltage input
    or +5V input PC/104 form factor with wings -20C to +71C operating temperature
  I/O Modules  
  Analog I/O Modules
Diamond-MM-32DX-AT Analog I/O Module 32-Channel Analog I/O PC/104 Module with Advanced Automatic Autocalibration
Ruby-MM-1616AP Analog Output Module PC/104-Plus module with 16 16-Bit D/A outputs plus 48 DIO, extended temperature operation
  Digital I/O Modules  

Diamond's Digital I/O Module family includes a wide range of rugged, wide-temperature PC/104, PC/104-Plus and FeaturePak modules featuring programmable bidirectional digital I/O, counter/timers, optoisolated inputs, and relay outputs.

GPIO-MM-21 Digital I/O Module PC/104 module with 96 line digital I/O, reconfigurable
P104-GPIO96 Digital I/O Module GPIO PC/104-Plus module with programmable digital I/O, counter/timers, pwm, and customizable personalities
  Serial I/O  

Diamond's line of rugged, wide-temperature Communications Modules feature standard and optoisolated RS-232/422/485 serial interfaces, Ethernet, CAN bus, GPS, and digital I/O functions. We have modules available in the following form factors: PC/104, PC/104-Plus, EMX and PCIe MiniCard 

PCIe MiniCard
DS-MPE-SER4M Serial Module 4-Port High Speed Serial PCIe MiniCard Module
  Ethernet I/O  
COM Express
Epsilon-12G2 14-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch Managed 14-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch with Wide Voltage Input and Serial Management Port
  Power Supplies  

Diamond offers a wide selection of rugged, wide-temperature, PC/104-sized DC/DC power supplies and stackable rechargeable battery packs. The DC/DC supplies provide options of up to 100W output power, multiple output voltages, fixed and variable voltage inputs, and onboard serial ports. Rechargeable battery packs come in a choice of NiMh or sealed lead acid chemistries and offer up to 4.5Ah capacity. Click below for details:

Jupiter-MM Power Supply 50 Watt DC/DC PC/104 Power Supply, Extended Temperature

Diamond's compact, rugged, cable-free enclosures simplify the development of reliable systems incorporating Diamond's processor and I/O expansion modules into fixed or mobile applications. Supported processor module form-factors include PC/104, EPIC, and EBX. Click below for details:

Pandora Enclosure for Diamond SBCs Rugged enclosure for Diamond Systems PC/104 SBCs: Athena III, Aurora, Helios, and Rhodeus