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The CMX-TINY+ Real-Time Multi-Tasking Operating System is now available for processors families such as Motorola 68HC08, Hitachi H8/300 & H8/300H & H8S, Atmel AVR family, Infineon (Siemens) 80C16x, Toshiba TLCS-900, NEC 78K0/K0S, TI MSP430, STMicroelectronics ST7 and others. The CMX-TINY+ provides slightly less functionality than the CMX-RTX RTOS. It was made to fit within the small amount of onboard RAM within the silicon, being in the range of 512 bytes and up.


CMX-CANopen allows for optimized implementations of CANopen conformant devices and was developed to allow for maximum task optimization, especially when used with an RTOS such as CMX-RTX. Even without an RTOS, CMX-CANopen allows for the adaptation of the execution priorities of critical tasks making CMX-CANopen one of the best performing CANopen stacks available.


CMX Flash File Systems


CMX-FFS is the standard edition flash file system for embedded systems developers and includes 100% Failsafe, Multiple volumes, Wear-leveling, Directories, Boot sector support, and Standard drivers for NOR Flash chips as well as RAM. CMX-FFS-NAND is a NAND Flash driver that also can be purchased with CMX-FFS and includes 100% Failsafe, Wear-leveling, and ECC algorithm.

CMX-FFS-FAT is a full-featured file system for embedded systems developers who wish to add devices to their products that require FAT12/16/32 compliant media to be attached to them and includes Long filenames, Multiple Volumes, and the following Drivers: Compact Flash (True IDE and Memory I/O), MMC/SD (SPI S/W or H/W) and RAM.

CMX-FFS-THIN is a scalable, reduced footprint file system designed for integration with 8-bit or 16-bit embedded processors with limited resources and includes FAT 12/16/32, Long file names, and the following Drivers: Compact Flash (True IDE and Memory I/O), MMC/SD (SPI S/W or H/W) and RAM.




CMX-USB Device Stack

The CMX-USB device stack offers a wide selection of Add-On options including an HID class implementation supporting Human Interface Devices such as a keyboard, mouse or joystick, a full USB Mass Storage Class with optimized drivers for accessing MMC/SD cards or other devices, a CDC class implementation for supporting standard communications ports, Media Transfer (MTP) Class for portable media devices, Pictbridge Extension for MTP Class, RNDIS for Remote Networking, ECM for Ethernet Networking Control, Audio, MIDI, Printer, Personal Healthcare Class and a Bootloader. USB Mass Storage is fully compatible with CMX-FFS-THIN and CMX-FFS-FAT File Systems.


CMX-USB Host Stack

CMX-USB Host stacks (OHCI, EHCI and non-compliant) are designed for processors with both integrated USB host controllers and external USB host controllers. The CMX-USB Host package offers Class drivers for Mass Storage, CDC, HID, Audio, MIDI, FTDI, Hub, OBEX, ECM, RNDIS, MTP, Printer and a Bootloader. CMX-USB Host Mass Storage is fully compatible with CMX-FFS-THIN, CMX-FFS-FAT, and CMX-FFS-SAFE-FAT File Systems and will work with or without an RTOS.



The CMX-USB suite offers an optional OTG (On-The-Go) Module for applications whereby two devices must negotiate and decide which will act as a USB Host and which will operate as a USB device. The CMX-USB-OTG module is available for those processors which are equipped with an OTG controller that supports the HNP and SRP protocols which are used for USB host and USB device negotiation. More often, embedded applications that require both USB host and USB device capability require dual mode operation. In dual mode, when a USB host is inserted, the host stack will start and when a USB device is inserted, the device stack will respond. This is accomplished by recognition of the ID pin on the USB OTG connector and is supported by CMX USB host and device stacks. For dual mode operation, OTG software is not required.


CMX-USB Bootloaders

CMX-USBH-BL Host Bootloader provides the ability to update your product from a flash drive. With a footprint of less than 12K for code and under 2K RAM, the Host Bootloader is installed as a permanent bootstub and based on the developersí design, CMX-USBH-BL can automatically check the flash drive for a new image and upload it to the target.