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Artila Electronics, the leading designer and manufacturer of Linux ready ARM9 industrial PC, is an emerging force in the industrial computer field, dedicated to minimizing mass while maximizing utility. Unlike other industrial computer providers in the market who mainly use x86 plus Windows solutions, Artila focuses on ARM-core RISC CPUs with embedded Linux solutions, matched with Artila's 10 plus years of experience in RS-232/422/485 industrial communication and TCP/IP networking. Artila's product range consists of Serial-to-Ethernet embedded modules, ARM9/Linux box computers, and ARM9/Linux SOMs (system-on-modules).

  Linux-ready ARM9 Box Computers  

ATMEL 9G20, WinCE 6.0 Box Computer with 1x LAN, 4x RS-232/422/485 COM ports and 2x USB Hosts

    WinCE 6.0 computing platform with file system CPU: ATMEL AT91SAM9G20, 400MHz Flash: 128MB, NAND type SDRAM: 64MB DataFlash: 2MB Failover mechanism against system crash Ethernet: 1x, 10/100Mbps COM Port: 4x, RS-232/422/485 USB Host: 2x, USB 2.0 compliant USB Client: 1x, USB 2.0 compliant Power input: 9~48VDC, 300mA@12V C/C++ Libraries and Run-time included Supports Microsoft .NET Compact Frameworks 2.0
  Linux/WinCE 6.0 ARM9 Single Board Computers  


ATMEL 9G45, Linux-ready Single Board Computer with TTL/LVDS LCD interface, 1x LAN, 4x TTY ports and 4x 480Mbps USB2.0 compliant Host ports

    Linux kernel 2.6.38 with file system CPU: ATMEL AT91SAM9G45, 400MHz Flash: 128MB, NAND type SDRAM: 128MB On-board TTL/LVDS LCD interface Supports 5V/12V TFT LCD panels,
    upto 1280 x 860 pixels Supports .NET Compact Framework 2.0 Ethernet: 1x, 10/100Mbps TTY: 3x RS-232, 1x RS-422/485 USB Host: 4x, USB 2.0 compliant
    supports high speed mode (480Mbps) micro-SD socket: upto 32GB GPIO: 4x pins, CMOS-level Dimension: standard 3.5" form factor Power input: 12~40VDC
  Linux-ready ARM9 System on Module  


Freescale i.MX537, Linux-ready 128-pin System-on-Module with 2x LVDS, 1x VGA, 1x LAN, 3x UART, 1x CAN, 1x SATA and 1x 480Mbps USB2.0 compliant Host port

    OS: Ubuntu 10.4 with file system CPU: Freescale i.MX537 (Cortex A8), 800MHz Flash: 4GB, eMMC type RAM: 1GB, DDR3 LCD interface: LVDS 2x, upto 1600 x 1200 pixels VGA interface: 1x, sync. with LVDS channel 1 Multimedia: Full HD 1080P, OpenGLE and OpenVG Ethernet interface: 1x, 10/100Mbps USB Host interface: 1x, USB 2.0 compliant
    supports high speed mode (480Mbps) SD card interface: 1x, 32GB max. UART interface: 3x 921.6kbps I2C interface: yes I2S interface: yes, including 1x transmitter and 1x receiver SPI interface: yes, w/ 4x chip select signals GPIO interface: 8x pins, CMOS/3.3V compatible Dimensions: 80mm x 50mm Power input: 80mA@3.3V GNU C/C++ tool chain for Linux and Windows
  Linux-ready ARM9-based Programmable Automation Controller  


ATMEL 9G20, Linux-based Programmable Automation Controller with 4x 16-bit A/D inputs, 4x 2500Vrms opto-isolated digital inputs and 4x up-to-500mA high-drive digital outputs

    Linux 2.6.29 computing platform with file system CPU: ATMEL AT91SAM9G20, 400MHz Flash: 128MB, NAND type SDRAM: 64MB micro-SD socket, upto 32GB Analog input: 4x,16-bit A/D, multiplexed Digital input: 4x, 2500Vrms opto-isolated Digital output:4x, up-to-500mA driving current Ethernet: 2x, 10/100Mbps TTY: 2x RS-232, and 2x isolated RS-485 USB Host: 2x, USB 2.0 compliant Power input: 9-40VDC DIN-Rail mountable GNU C/C++ tool chain for Linux and Windows
  Modbus IO Modbus Gateway  


Modbus/TCP Remote Digital IO Module with 16x opto-isolated digital inputs and 8x relay outputs

    Supports both Modbus/TCP and Modbus 16x isolated (2500Vrms) digital inputs 8x relay outputs, 30VDC@1A or 125VAC@0.5A each relay can be set as NC or NO by jumper 1x 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface 1x isolated (2500Vrms) RS-485 interface Supports Web-based I/O control DIN-rail mounting Windows configuration utility included
  Serial to Ethernet Module  


Two-port Serial-to-Ethernet Gateway with virtual COM support

    Enables access to RS-232/422/485 devices through TCP/IP network Ethernet port: 10/100Mbps, auto-select Serial ports: 230.4Kbps baud rate
    port 1: RS-232/422/485 3-in-1
    port 2: RS-232 only Supports TCP/Server mode, TCP/Client mode, UDP mode and paired-connection mode Windows Virtual COM driver included Web/Telnet/Serial consoles for device configuration Windows utility for device configuration and management Power input: 9~15VDC; 400mA@12V