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AAE Kick-Start: ARM Cortex A9 Workshop Details

  (AAE : ARM Accredited Engineer)  

This workshop helps the participants master the basics of ARM Architecture, Programmers Model, and Software development techniques specifically for Cortex A9 platform. After attending this workshop, the participants can then scale this approach and apply the learning to Cortex R series platform before finally taking up the AAE Exam. This workshop not only helps fresh engineers kick-start their preparations for the exam, but it also provides an excellent platform for hands-on sessions to which facilitate in up-skilling and gaining valuable exposure to industry standard tools and embedded systems development cycle. This program is highly recommended for candidates focused on employability and upgrading their ARM skills which will greatly benefit the employee, the employer and the ARM development community at large.

  Workshop Objectives:  
  • Provide strong foundation in ARM Cortex- A series Processors with Specific focus on Cortex A9 along with Hands-on exercises using Industry Standard ARM Developer Studio-5.
  • Help the inexperienced and aspiring Embedded Systems Engineers master the basics of ARM Architecture, Programmers Model, and Software development techniques for Cortex A9 platform.
  • Kick-Start the preparations of the attendees for the AAE certification exam. (This Kick-Start workshop comprehensively covers software development techniques on Cortex A9 platform while also covering many of the topics prescribed by ARM for the AAE exam)
  • Gain valuable exposure to the ARM Accredited Engineer (AAE) exam syllabus.
  • Some familiarity with C/C++ programming language and the ability to read and understand ARM assembly language code.
  • Basic embedded software engineering and development skills.
  • Participants are highly encouraged to bring their own laptops for the workshop.

Training Agenda

Day-1 - Intro to Embedded Computer Architecture
- ARM Architecture Overview
- Cortex A-9 MPCore Architecture Details
- Cache & Branch Prediction
- Memory Management Unit(MMU)
- Intro to Software Development Tools:
- Lab Session-1: DS-5 Intro Workbook
Day-2 - Embedded Software Development
- Writing C for ARM & Advanced C Concepts
- Linkers & Libraries
- Lab Session-2: Embedded Software Development  Workbook
- Booting a Cortex-A9 MPCore
- Lab Session-3: Booting Workbook
- Barrier Instructions
- OS Support
Day-3 - Synchronization
- Cache Coherency:
- Exception Handling
- Lab Session 4: Exception handling Workbook
- GIC Programming
- Lab Session 5: GIC Workbook
Day-4 - ARM JTAG Debug and Embedded Trace
- Lab Session 5: Debug Workbook
- Cortex A Power Management
- Neon Overview
- TrustZone Overview (Optional)/ AAE Syllabus Recap
- AAE Exam Preparation Tips
  Note : Approximately 30% of the workshop is spent on hands-on excercises using ARM DS-5  

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