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Altium software empowers makers, engineers and designers of electronics-based products to create a smarter, safer, and more connected world. Altium has helped a wide range of companies succeed in designing next-generation electronic products and systems

We at Embedded Systems Solutions have partnered with Altium for various ranges of Altium Products includes Altium Designer, Altium Vault, PDN Analyzer and the TASKING range of embedded tool chain.




Altium Designer


Altium Designer is an electronic design automation software package for printed circuit board, FPGA and embedded software design, and associated library and release management automation.

Effortless Desigh Automation

Altium Designer keeps you at the highest peak of productivity in your design workflow with powerful routing tools, flexible design reuse options, and advanced release management and documentation capabilities.

  • Design the highest quality PCB layouts in a fraction of the time with an optimized routing workflow and high-performance, guided routing technology.
  • Get a head start on your next design project with powerful design reuse tools including snippets, managed schematic sheets, and component library templates.
  • Clearly communicate design intent to manufacturing with powerful release management and automated documentation tools in Altium Designer.



Intuitive Team Collaboration


Collaboration and communication are essential elements for a successful design process. Altium Designer connects your PCB design workflow to the complete product design ecosystem with powerful ECAD/MCAD collaboration features, fully managed library management systems, and rigid-flex design capabilities.

  • Ensure that your board fits the mechanical enclosure right the first time with powerful ECAD/MCAD collaboration tools including Native 3D clearance checking.
  • Always work with trusted component data with flexible library management options including complete lifecycle management and part approval requests.
  • Remain competitive and at the forefront of innovative design trends with the world’s first support for flex and rigid-flex PCB design.



Endless Engineering Reach


Altium Designer allows you to connect directly to the global world of engineering knowledge and manpower with realtime supplier data, powerful data management tools, and expertly crafted design content

  • Save time creating components by tapping into the extensive source of expertly crafted design content from the experts at Altium including over 300,000 ready-to-use parts.
  • Efficiently manage your design data with the comprehensive data management options including a complete version control system and lifecycle management system.
  • Always meet your time-to-market and budget goals with real-time pricing and availability data from your most trusted parts suppliers.

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Altium Vault


Altium's Vault technology provides the foundation for Altium's Design Data Management solution. A distinct design solution in its own right, an Altium Vault works in harmony with Altium Designer to provide an elegant answer to the question of handling design data with secured integrity. An Altium Vault not only provides rock-solid, secure storage of data, but also enables re-release of data as distinctly separate revisions – essentially tracking design changes over time, without overwriting any previously released data. It also caters for the lifecycle of the data to be managed, allowing people that need to use the data to see, at-a-glance, what stage the data has reached in its 'life' and therefore what it can be safely used for.



The Altium Vault software provides following features and Services

Component Management

  • Component Management
  • Supply Chain

Document Management 

  • Integrated Version Control (SVN)
  • Design Document Management
  • Design Re-use
  • Release Management

Team Configuration Management 

  • Team Configuration Center (TC2)
  • Network Installation Service


  • Managed Projects
  • Markup System (Document Commenting)
  • Concurrent Design


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PDN Analyzer


The PDN Analyzer powered by CST® allows you easily resolve PDN issues as they arise in your board layout process, all right within the unified design workspace that you use every day.

What’s inside?

  • Real-time PDN analysis made specifically for the everyday PCB Designer
  • Unified design and simulation workflow integrated in Altium Designer
  • Powerful analysis technology from the CST® simulation expert


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ESS Altium Training

  Here we at Embedded Systems Solutions offer a range of unique training services to help you get the most from Altium's powerful software. These represent the fastest way to get up and running with the software and will smooth out any "learning peaks" that you may have accumulated during self-teaching or general use of Altium Designer.