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Altium develops, creates and sells electronics design tools software and development hardware that unify the entire electronics design process in one application, that is easy to use and as affordable as can be made.

This unified electronics design environment, called Altium Designer, is the result of years of development work but is now just one part of AltiumLive, a web-based portal that is the means by which we help professional electronics designers connect people and devices.


Altium's NanoBoards are unique, reconfigurable hardware platforms that harnesses the power of today's high-capacity, low-cost programmable devices to allow rapid and interactive implementation and debugging of your digital designs .

With the NanoBoard connected to a PC running Altium Designer the world's first truly unified electronic design system you can develop, implement, test and bring to market more intelligent digital products faster than previously possible.

Target programmable devices such as FPGAs and processors are housed on plug-in daughter boards, allowing you to easily change the project architecture and providing a truly device and vendor-independent development solution.

Use the NanoBoard as a system prototyping and development platform, as an educational hands-on teaching tool, or as a standalone product running a custom system design. Its power, flexibility and tight integration with Altium Designer opens up the exciting possibilities of soft system design to you today

Desktop Nanoboard


Rapidly prototype designs from your desktop

Altium's NanoBoards are unique, reconfigurable hardware platforms that harness the power of reprogrammable devices to allow interactive, vendor-independent implementation and deployment of your electronics designs.

  • Quickly develop, test, and demonstrate design ideas in real life situations using real life hardware.
  • Get instant connectivity, NanoBoard and Altium Designer can implement internet connectivity with a few mouse clicks.
  • Easily and graphically construct FPGA based embedded systems with Altium Designer.

There are three variants available in the series:

  • NanoBoard 3000XN Xilinx variant, incorporating a Xilinx Spartan-3AN device (XC3S1400AN-4FGG676C) as the User FPGA.
  • NanoBoard 3000AL Altera variant: incorporating an Altera Cyclone III device (EP3C40F780C8N) as the User FPGA.
  • NanoBoard 3000LC Lattice variant: incorporating a LatticeECP2 device (LFE2-35SE-5FN672C) as the User FPGA.
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Altium provides information on, and support for, an extensive range of third-party development boards.

Third-party board support extends to the use of Altium's Universal JTAG Interface (pictured right), which enables your development board to interact 'live' with the LiveDesign-enabled Altium Designer solution. This support can include specific instructions for connecting the board (including images), constraint files and example projects that demonstrate the use of processor cores and virtual instruments.